Hashtags are an important part of the development of the account on Instagram. Many people do not consider hashtags an effective tool. Nevertheless, if used correctly, here are the main benefits: 

Involvement of new users

Using hashtags will help you easily attract new followers. People use them as a navigating tool for finding the right content. Moreover, you will be able to attract users from your target audience. 

Structuring the content

Using the hashtag, the content of the post is marked, which allows it to appear in a certain topic of all the content on Instagram. For example, If you put #lovestorys as a hashtag for your post, then it will be among 17,655 publications. Accordingly, those who track this topic will see it and probably like it.

Account navigation.

For user convenience, many profiles create tags to separate their content into categories. For example, a shoe store can have such hashtags as # shoes_in stock, and # shoes_ actions to divide the publications into several categories. As a result, the user follows the right link and find the needed information fast.

Hashtag Subscription

Recently, Instagram presented a new feature: users can subscribe not only to accounts but also to tags. This helps keep track of all the information on one narrow topic.

Basic Rules for Using Hashtags

Yes, not in all cases you need to use only popular tags. For the promotion of your Instagram account, it is important to use those hashtags that will bring your new followers from your target audience. To choose the right hashtags, you need to know their main categories: 

  1. over 100,000 publications – high-frequency;
  2. from 50,000 to 100,000 – mid-range;
  3. up to 50,000 – low-frequency.

High-frequency tags get good coverage, likes, comments, and followers during the first couple of minutes. However, publications with them very quickly move to the end of the Instagram feed and become invisible over time. As for the low-frequency tags, they have a smaller number of posts and a higher chance of holding on to the first positions. Nevertheless, the involvement will still be lower. To find your optimal set of tags, you need to select them according to your content plan and make a test run.  Here are the main sources of information while choosing hashtags: 

  1. In the Instagram search line – enter the tag you are interested in and see the number of publications with it;
  2. On Instagram, in TOP publications or at your competitors’ accounts – follow the hashtag in the post, and see the number of publications;
  3. Modern services – there are websites that will determine the right hashtags based on the information from your account for you. 

To conclude, hashtags can be an effective tool that will help you promote your account, get more likes, comments, and followers.