Why do some posts on social networks become viral all across the globe, while others remain unnoticed? Analysis experts of social networks have been trying to answer this question for many years. But, unfortunately, they did not come to a consensus. No one has come up with a recipe for a successful post. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to identify some common features of the most viewed and liked publications. Here are some aspects you should consider if you want to get more likes and comments on your Instagram posts: 

1. Life stories

Users of social networks like to read life stories. Here are some topics that are interesting for followers: strong friendship, unhappy love, family happiness, etc. Life stories are interesting for the majority of people as they relate to them as well as to the teller. That is why we recommend being open with your audience and let them in your life. 

2. Something unusual, unexpected

Scrolling through the news feed, people stop on something unusual, unexpected. Try to surprise them with an interesting scientific fact, a cool idea, or something that can make them think. 

3. Easy to read and comprehend

It’s not about the literacy of the text, but about its style. Learn to present the information correctly: a little sarcasm, the use of infographics, quotes, etc. It will appear concise and much nicer than, for example, loud personal statements and written reports.

4. Less triviality

The users of social networks have long ceased to pay attention to stupid posts like “Like, if not a sucker” or “Maximum repost !!!”. It is boring and uninteresting. Come up with something more fun, motivating, unusual.

5. Inspire your followers

Inspiring your audience can be achieved using interesting quotes. Do not be afraid that they will be inappropriate. Inquisitive minds have worked hard for several centuries, so you can pick up an inspirational phrase for almost any situation. it will attract attention, as the reader can relate to the quote and find a solution there. However, we do not recommend overusing this method. Insert a quote on special occasions rather than on each post. 

6. Everything in order

Do not rush to tell your subscribers everything you know. Come up with an intriguing headline, write a short introduction. They should interest the audience, make them think about what will happen next. if you managed to create a series of posts about an interesting event that interested the followers, you will never have a problem with likes.  

Try these recommendations and share your ideas.