Any time we cross a new year, you need to assess your marketing skills. You need to take a record of the past, see the best strategy that worked, and carry them forward. It would be best if you had a work plan for the future. Instagram has introduced many changes that affect consumer behavior. Have you changed your business accordingly to keep up with these changes? Read this article to identify the best strategies that will help you shape your Instagram content in 2020.

Plan your strategy when the year is still new. This will help you keep up with the ever-changing marketing trends on social media: Instagram is the epitome of this change. A concise strategy keeps you on track and helps you achieve the best results.

The six Instagram Strategies You Should Be Using in 2020

i. Give your grid an excellent look

The grid is the first thing that people see whenever they visit your profile. Your overall profile should have an attraction to the users.


ii. Use Stories Daily

Instagram stories have a magical impact, and you should make regular use of them. Most of the Instagram users view their story feeds even before navigating to other parts of the site. You can be posting the Instagram stories at least once per week. Always keep your audience engaged with an exciting story.

  iii. Proper Use of Hashtag

Hashtags play a crucial role in Instagram if used in the right manner. They help you direct your posts to the interested audience. Pick the correct hashtags and attach them to your posts and you will extend your reach accordingly.

Insta hashtag
Priority #1 circled with red pencil

Hashtag practices

  • Pick hashtags, which connect you to prospective customers. Hashtags should point to specific interests or locations. This helps you reach even more people and turn them to customers.
  • Use up to eleven hashtags. This will help you maintain an increased engagement.
  • Use unique hashtags for every post to avoid monotony. Find unique hashtags on Poprey site.
  • Place your hashtags strategically at the end of the post. Use one or two lines to separate the hashtag from the main post to make it more attractive.

iv. Make use of Shoppable posts

For people who are operating a business, “Shoppable” posts help drive sales. The Shopping tab help capture people who may be searching for items on Instagram. However, only tag products where necessary.

v. Prioritize Engagement

Engagement shows that your content meets what your audience is looking for. They also boost your relationship with the customers and help drive more sales. Remember that posts that attract a high engagement gain a top priority in the ranking algorithm.

Instagram prioritize

vi. Sharing User-Generated Content

This means sharing content created by others for you, which eases you the burden of establishing such content yourself. Be sure to incorporate the User-generated content ‘approach’ in your 2020 strategies. Though it is not a new strategy, its importance cannot be underestimated.


Instagram should be a priority for any business. It is among the best platform to engage. As you plan for your engagement practices this year, be sure not to leave Instagram behind. If you use the above tricks well, you will achieve the best results.