After updating the algorithms, Instagram’s reach became more important than the number of followers and likes. The social network cuts organic reach, which means that your posts are visible only to a part of subscribers. The higher this indicator, the more followers and potential customers an account has.

What Is Instagram Reach?

Instagram reach is the number of unique users who viewed the post. If a person has viewed the content twice, it counts only once. This is the main difference between reach and impressions: impressions – the total number of views without reference to a specific visitor.

Why Instagram Coverage Fell

Reach is an indicator of the quality of the content and audience of an account. If there are a lot of bots in subscribers, they don’t like anything – statistics are getting worse. The same goes for uninteresting content.

According to official data, there are three criteria for the formation of a smart feed on Instagram:

  1. Date of posting. The social network prefers fresh content.
  2. How much the posts will be interesting to users. Instagram analyzes publications that your subscribers like and comment on. Based on the data received, the system makes assumptions about how relevant your content will be for followers. 
  3. Previous subscriber interaction with the content author. If a user is actively chatting with you in direct, leaves comments, likes posts, then your next posts will be in his feed at high positions.

There are also many unconfirmed hypotheses, according to which the coverage depends on the speed of the set of likes and the reaction of subscribers to stories.

In this regard, there are 4 main reasons for the drop in coverage:

  1. Your posts are not interesting to followers;
  2. Natural decline before social network innovations;
  3. Low quality of the audience;
  4. Inability to work with subscribers.

How to Return Instagram Coverage to the Previous Level

Coverage and impressions can be cheated. But this is the road to nowhere if you need real views and sales. If you want to increase the coverage of publications – use our recommendations!

1) Post regularly. Desirable every day. The content plan will help you with this.

2) Raise topics relevant to the target audience. Write involving posts.

3) Experiment with formats. Follow the statistics to determine the most successful tricks.

4) Take selfies, before/after pictures. They often fall into the recommended.

5) Publish instructions, recipes and life hacks. Users usually bookmark this type of posts.

6) Participate in like-times. So you get new likes and can return the attention of followers if you have not added new content for a long time.

7) Take a vote or an open poll to get a lot of comments.

8) Motivate users to leave likes and comments, to write to you in direct. To do this, use a call to action.

9) Publish Stories. They not only increase reach but also improve engagement. Conduct quizzes, polls, and quests in stories, start contests.

10) Do live broadcasts. Live videos attract new users, increase activity and engagement, and increase reach. 

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